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Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning isn't just about wealth—it's about securing the future of those you love. Through meticulous planning and personalized strategies, our expert estate planning attorneys will help protect your family's future, manage your assets, minimize taxes, and avoid the complications of probate. Don't leave the future to chance—let us guide you in making the best decisions for your unique circumstances.

Prevent the Government from Getting Your Money
Receive Peace of Mind Knowing Your Loved Ones Will Be Protected
Gain Uncompromised Control Over Your Future Decisions

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The 15-minute initial phone call is designed as a simple way for you to get to know us, and for our team to learn more about your unique estate planning needs. Booking a phone call is an easy way to start preserving your family’s legacy.

Here's what we'll accomplish during the call:

  • We'll learn a little about you and your loved ones
  • You'll let us know about your concerns and goals
  • We'll provide you with a couple options to help you accomplish your goals

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Client Success Stories

Does this Sound Familiar?

Worried that if something happened to you today... what would happen to your loved ones tomorrow?
Ashamed that you have not already taken the steps to protect your family or your business?
Overwhelmed by the whole estate planning process and where to even begin?


With experienced legal advice, we can help you ensure your assets go to whom you want, when you want, and how you want. Let's explore the benefits of our tailored estate planning:
Peace of Mind: Knowing your assets and loved ones are protected according to your wishes.
Financial Savings: With proper planning, you can avoid probate, saving your heirs both time and money.
Asset Control: Dictate how your assets are used and distributed, both during your lifetime and after.
Reduced Family Conflict: Clear directives minimize the chance of disputes over your estate.
Tax Minimization: Strategic estate planning can minimize or even eliminate estate taxes.
Rapid Turnaround: Upon request, you can receive your custom estate plan in two weeks or less. 

Meet the Team

attorney Hilary Lawrence
Hilary Lawrence
Estate Panning Attorney

Hilary Lawrence is a trust and estates attorney with experience in estate planning, trust administration, and probate proceedings.  Her expertise lies in creating customized estate plans to ensure that her clients’ well-being is protected during their lifetimes, and that their wishes are carried out after their deaths.  She prides herself on clearly explaining complex estate planning concepts and providing her clients with peace of mind.

attorney Eddie Johnson
Eddie Johnson
Founder, Estate Panning Attorney

Eddie Johnson is the founder of Lancier Legal and practices primarily in estate planning. His relationship-centered philosophy to estate planning emphasizes creating solutions for his clients rather than just documents and deliverables. He believes in focusing on the client’s goals and pain points – not a stereotypical “one-size-fits-all” method.

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