Who Will Inherit Tina Turner’s Fortune?

The undisputed Queen of Rock & Rock with hits like “What’s Love Got to Do With It” married music producer Erwin Bach 10 years ago after a 27-year romance. He donated a kidney to her to save her life in 2017 and supported her through her other health issues, including her 2013 stroke just before they married. By the end of her life, Turner accumulated a net worth of $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Yahoo News’ recent article entitled, “Tina Turner’s husband will inherit nearly half her $250 million fortune,” reports that the legendary singer ‘s daughter-in-law Afida, 46, who is the widow of her late son Ronnie, told the Sunday Mirror about how the star’s wealth was likely to be split: “As she married in Switzerland, I think around 47 percent will go to the spouse and the rest to the children.”

Afida Turner was married to Ronnie in 2007 until he died in 2022 from complications linked to colon cancer. Tina also adopted two sons of her abusive husband Ike Turner. She had another son, Craig, from a previous relationship with musician Raymond Hill when she was 18. Craig died by suicide in 2018.

“It’s just because she was with Ike that they were in the family, so the only ‘blood’ descendants are Craig and Ronnie. “Today I’m the only one with the name – there are no other Turners.”

Afida emphasized that she wasn’t thinking about Tina’s money, adding: “I’m not here for that. I’m here to respect my mother-in-law.

“I’ve always earned my own money – no one has ever given me anything in the Turner family – that’s the Turner way, OK.”

Tina’s final fortune of $250 million is not just from her stream of hits. She also starred in films such as ‘Tommy’, ‘Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome’ and ‘Last Action Hero.,

Her 1993 biopic ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ told the story of her path to success and battle to hold onto her stage name during her painful divorce from her abusive ex-husband Ike Turner, who died in 2010 aged 76 after subjecting her to beatings and sex she said felt more like rape.

Turner sold her image and music rights to BMG two years before her death in a deal thought to have been worth $50 million, and died in her $76 million Swiss retreat.

Reference: Yahoo News (May 28, 2023) “Tina Turner’s ‘husband will inherit nearly half her $250 million fortune’”

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