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How Do I Address My Aging Parents’ Finances

These six steps can help future caregivers know where aging parents stand financially, as well as help them to avoid surprises that could imperil their own retirement. Read more

Don’t Fall for These Medicaid and Estate Myths

Since estate issues, one way or another, affect everyone over time (since death does) and since Medicaid planning has for many years been a topic of popular conversation—and popular misconceptions in the U.S., it is not unusual that both subjects have generated misunderstandings and, in some cases, folklore that has persisted. Read more

The Rights of Elderly in Care Facilities

It is important for residents and their families to understand the benefits and limitations of each program, eligibility requirements, and any additional costs associated with them. Read more

What Is Discrimination in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are legally bound to protect their residents from discrimination based on characteristics like race, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability. Read more

What Should I Know About Powers of Attorney

Are you worried about what might happen to your estate and investments if you become disabled or incapacitated? Read more


Setting up a trust is one way to transfer wealth to a loved one and create financial stability for them. Read more

Families and their loved ones with dementia need to start advance care planning after receiving a diagnosis of dementia. Medical experts and attorneys can help your loved one to be involved in their care planning. Read more