Wills and Trusts

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Family Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning attorneys and probate and trust administration attorneys in San Diego play crucial but distinct roles in the legal processes involving legacy planning, asset distribution, and wealth preservation. Read more

Wills and Trusts

You work hard for your money and want to ensure that your wealth distribution goes according to your wishes upon death. Read more

You’ve likely heard your friends or family—or even the bank teller, at times—counsel you to add an adult child to your bank account. Read more

Estate Planning Includes More Than a Will

The term ‘estate planning’ conjures specific ideas about leaving assets to heirs, fighting over Mom’s jewelry and lengthy entanglements with the probate court. Read more

How can You Make Changes to Estate Plan

Wills and trusts are typically changed over time as life circumstances, the state where you reside, or your desired outcomes change. Read more

Why Did Actress Tori Spelling Get Nothing in Her Dad’s Will

Tori Spelling’s ex-husband, Charlie Shanian, recently spoke to the Daily Mail about her reaction to her late father, Aaron Spelling, leaving his entire fortune to her mom, Candy Spelling. Page Six’s recent article entitled, “Tori Spelling’s ex-husband claims she cried when dad left fortune to mom Candy: ‘She was so upset’,” reports that Shanian, a screenwriter who was married to Tori from 2004 to 2006, said that the 50-year-old actress discovered before Aaron’s death and was “so upset” by the inheritance news that she started “crying.” Read more

Minimize Family Feuds about Your Inheritance

The distribution of wealth among beneficiaries through your final will and testament is often a complex and sensitive issue, one that can potentially spark conflicts and legal challenges among family members. Read more

What Estate Planning Is Needed for Parents

Don’t put it off any longer. Read more

How to Pass on Family Heirlooms with Fewer Estate Battles

There are better—and often more creative—ways to plan and divide that can avoid family squabbles over cars, jewelry, furniture and household items. Read more

Who Should Be Your Executor

The person you have placed in charge of your estate under a Will is called a ‘Personal Representative’ or ‘Executor/Executrix.’ Read more